All of our payments run through our payment provider Tipalti. They provide us with a bunch of payment methods so we can pay you!

PayPal doesn't have a minimum payout so long as the amount being sent does not exceed the fees which PayPal charges.

eChecks have a $1.50 minimum if you're a U.S. resident and a $5 minimum if you live outside of the US.

Wire Transfers within the U.S. have a $15 minimum whereas those outside of the US have a $25 minimum.

ACH transfers which are for the U.S. only have a $1 minimum payout.

Please note that each payment method has it's own fees associated with it and your payout will arrive in your selected account minus this fee. For example; if you withdrew $100 and used an international wire, you'd have $75 arrive in your account as there's a $25 fee for the transfer.

Each of the fees are displayed when you choose your payment method.

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