You can request a takedown of your music from stores at any point. When using this function, it will remove it from all the stores we published the music on. If you want to remove your release from a specific store, reach out to support 😊.
To request a takedown, find your release under "My Library", click the 3 dots in the top right and request a takedown.

Before removing your release, make sure you understand the following:

  • I have informed any of the contributors of this album that I am performing this action.

  • My release will be removed from stores and therefore will no longer be available to stream or download.

  • This release will be takedown from stores but will remain on my SpareMusic account so I can claim my royalties.

  • SpareMusic will pay me all of the royalties that this release earned up until the point it is removed from the store.

  • My release page and purchase add-ons will also be affected and will be disabled.

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