We generate the Store Links for your release on your release date. Our systems will check stores every hour to see if your release is live and if it is, will save the link to our system so we can show it you from your Store Links tab.

Sometimes it's not so smooth sailing and we hit a few issues. Here's a few reasons why you won't see your links:

  • The release is not currently available on the given store. This can sometimes just be down to a timezone issue.
  • You didn't give the stores enough time to process your release. Remember, not every store will approve music within 48 hours. We recommend you deliver your release through SpareMusic 3 weeks before the release date to ensure your release dates are synced.
  • The script hasn't run yet for your release - we don't search for your release until your release date. Our systems run on the UTC timezone. If it isn't your release date in our timezone, our systems won't have gone searching yet.

In the event that the above issues don't explain why your store links haven't yet generated, please contact our support team so we can look into the issue.

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